Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Texting your New Clients

Long before the days of cell phones, people used to write to each other. Have you ever heard of a pen pal?
Sure, people actually used to write letters to each other and send them. When you lived far away from
your mother, you would write to her often. It just took paper, an envelope, and a stamp, which in those days
was very inexpensive compared to a phone call.

Commercial endeavors would send letters to you, or their catalog, if you were on their customer list, much
like responsible emailing today. Some enterprises still do both even now. Of course, there are costs to all of this
and small startups couldn't afford any of this, so we had a new product that came along for that day. The text ad.

You would see them as classified ads in your local newspaper. You would see them as ads on placemats in restaurants.
And you would see them in special classified ad papers known as advertisers.

Well back the day, this was how business texted their clients. It was an economical way to reach someone
without phone calls, sales calls, or other things that might annoy people.

If you've looked at our website, you'll see that we group ads together on a page. It should remind you of
an old advertiser. Remember when you picked up the paper and would caruse the ads in it. In a way
we bring back some of those good old days of text advertising, and an old-fashioned way of "texting"
your new clients.

Why not give it at try and "text" your new clients today?


Monday, December 4, 2023

Maximize your advertising testing with Text Ads

Text ads are a great way to test the advertising waters.
You can try different ideas and see which ones work for you.

And text ads are just plain affordable at only $1/month per ad at textad.biz!
So go ahead, get creative, go crazy, try things that you might not have ever tried with traditional advertising. You never know what might become a winner in the advertising game.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Getting the right Headline

Writing a headline seems like a simple task, but it can make all the difference in your text ad.

So what is a headline?
It's kind of like writing a TITLE or NAME of the ad, and it's something that you want to choose carefully.

Remember when we used to read newspapers?
The headline is a thing that you would read to decide whether or not you wanted to invest your time into reading the entire story. Advertising headlines do much of the same thing. Do you get someone's interest to read the ad detail, and then click on the ad to visit your website. In a way, text advertising is very efficient compared to other forms of advertising that force your entire web page onto everyone, whether they are interested in your product or not. So the idea is to "attract" the interest of a new potential customer, not force it on them whether they are interested or not. You can see the difference, and a potential customer might not take kindly to having a web page forced on them when they are not looking for that or even interested in your offer.

A headline can be the name of your company, this might especially work well it your name does tell someone what your company does! If your a roofing company and your company name has the word ROOFING in it, well your ad is going to attract anyone who has a new roof on their mind when they see the word. That's a great choice!

If your company name doesn't say so much about what you do, then perhaps a product might be a better choice. Let's say you are a kitchen shop and you are promoting a big sale on SPICES. A headline like "SPICE SALE" or just the word "SPICES" might be a good choice for you. It will grab the attention of someone that cooks, as it is an intregal part of that person's daily routine.

Another possibility is the PRICING itself. If you saw an ad that said "50% OFF FURNITURE", do you think you might look at it? Well if you had furniture on your mind, you might very well decide to click that ad! The guy thinking about the roof, he might not click that though.

Advertising this way is a great "FILTER" to traffic on your website. It doesn't do much good to have 10,000 people visit your website if only 1% of them even cared about going there in the first place. Bandwidth of your website showing can cost money too, so every visit costs you something. How much better to have "attracted" visitors than just general traffic!

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Repost - How to put the ad code on your site

Here's an example of putting an ad on your website. But how is that done?

Here is a list of steps for you trying to keep it as simple as possible:

Log into textad.biz
Click on Ad Sizes, then Multiple Ads, or Single Ad if you just want one text ad to show.
Click On Exchange Code
Click on the radio button next to the ad format you like
If you want to change the ad color, Click the Pallettes dropdown and try something different, the ad posted here is the Fresh Mint pallette.
Copy the code in the Your Exchange Code Window and paste it into your website HTML page where you would like it to show.
A couple of notes and warnings. The code works perfectly fine in a plain old HTML page. If your website is running WORDPRESS, then you will have to understand a couple of things. WORDPRESS will not run javascript in a page or post natively. So you have to use a widget that will allow the code to run. My favorite example of this is the text widget which does this beautifully. It works well to put the widget in a sidebar.

In Wordpress, you will need to put it in a text widget to make the code display the ad.

Click Appearance, Widgets
Look for the text widget and drag it to your Footer or Sidebar.
Open the text widget and go to the text tab. This is where you paste the code.
Alternatively, if you want to put the code on a page or post in Wordpress, you'll want to look at this web page for instructions.

Check This Out

Some Themes may not display the entire ad this way 2021 doesn't but 2019 does. I don't expect you to change the theme, but you might
want to think about whether you might want to change it for this to work correctly.

Friday, December 1, 2023

How many text ads should I run?

How many text ads should I run?

That's a good question. It's up to you. In general, the more the merrier!
Every ad you run enforces your branding, burning your brand into the minds of the readers.
This is a good thing and a strategy for advertising.

But there may be reasons that you don't want to use this approach. Perhaps you are having a campaign with only
one purpose in mind and you want to single out that single purpose with one ad. You may not want other ads distracting
the reader from that one special campaign.

Perhaps your tight on budget and you've tested and found 1 ad that works best. Then you might want to put your budget
into that one ad and not do anything else.

But on the other side of the coin, you might have 10 products that you would like to promote directly,
dedicating one ad to each product, but still promoting your brand. This is a GREAT strategy! Advertise away!
One example that comes to mind is a used car dealership. Each car needs to be advertised because each one is different and special to itself.

So How many text ads should I run?

Custom fit your ads and campaigns to your needs at the time!